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My Memento of April 18, 2013

April 21, 2013 Leave a comment

Yesterday Friday, April 19th I first woke up in the hospital room and saw my wife Mary  by my bedside and asked “What happened?” She gave me a piece of paper which I read out. I recognized that it was own handwriting that said “Por que estoy aca? Fui a buscar la pelota y me cai como un tontito!”  which meant “Why am I here? I went to fetch the ball and fell like a little fool.”  Looking around, I was in my basketball jersey with a bruises at my left hand and left cheek.


Mary said I went to my weekly basketball game at the local sports facility. She got a call from them late at night. They informed her that I was taken to the hospital after falling and hitting my cheek flat on the concrete. Gaston, the basketball coordinator at the facility, and good friend told Mary the events. He said that I went to fetch the ball that went off court and I fell but I did not lose consciousness. The guys helped me back on my feet and I still played for another 10 minutes. But Gaston noticed something was wrong with my movements. So he asked me two questions which I responded nonsense. That time the doctor at the facility decided to call an ambulance and take me to the hospital. Gaston accompanied me until Mary arrived.

I don’t remember any of those events, in fact I don’t remember the whole day!  When I try to think and remember anything, I felt a burning sensation at the back of my head and a little ache on the right side of the front head. Mary said that everytime I would wake up I would ask the same question, and that she would hand me the piece of paper which I wrote.  I could remember some things but they seemed like part of a dream or just flashes of pictures in my head.

Now I’m ok and I’m grateful to the guys at the sports facility and especially Gaston. My funny recollection – I was taken to another hospital where there was NMR where they can further get imaging of my head. As I woke up in the other hospital room, I saw my wife in white and my sister-in-law Jacky dressed in black looking down straight at me and I asked her “Have you come already for me? Do I know you?”. Jacky said “I’m Pamela David.” referring to an Argentine actress/model.

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Make your own iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad stylus

September 17, 2010 Leave a comment

I have an iPad.  I mainly use my iPad to develop apps for business purposes.  One of my apps required the use of stylus for writing text.  Though the iPad allowed me to by touch, it was still not the same. I think it basically boiled down to the fact that writing with a pen was still more accurate and intuitive than with writing with a finger.

I first searched the internet for compatible stylus and found the only product available was the Pogo Sketch.  Unfortunately, that product is not available from where I live.  So I continued searching.  I found another article in the internet where they have mentioned that you can use anti-static wrapping. The one that normally comes as packaging when you buy a memory or hard disk.  I tried that and it worked but it felt like it was a little bit scratchy.  Then I read the article in Wikipedia how capacitive touch screen works. So I started experimenting on several materials.  I discovered that the negative end of a normal AA or AAA battery works as well.

Reading again Wikipedia, it mentioned something about “anti-static conductive foam”.  This is when I made that discovery which I’m sharing right now.  How you can make your own iPhone/iPad stylus at home.

What you need is a small piece of “cellulose sponge”.  I was fortunate to buy a “Big O” pack of 30 sponges for $4.00 at a Walgreens during one of my trips to the US.  I used it for cleaning the dishes of course.  It just so happened that I grabbed one of the sponges and tried it on the iPad and it worked.  I was amazed at how accurate and responsive it was.

I took an old pen and emptied it out and stuffed it with a little piece of the sponge. I put a paper tape to hold it in place.  It also tried it on an iPhone 3Gs and the touchpad of the new MacBook.  It really works and it doesn’t scratch the iPad!  Best of all, you can do it from home and it’s cheap.

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